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Interchange 1-9 - Moriah, Society for development of Jerusalem

development of Jerusalem

Tween viaducts constructed to resolve a substandart curve in rout no #1 at the entrance to the city of Jerusalem.
Total length of 800 m. The 17 pilons up to 35 m high support a glued segmental balanced cantilever carriageway, and are based on 60 cm diameter 28 m long drill piles. The four hollow abutments are a logistic problems of their own, owing to difficult terrain and local park conservation considerations.

Ramle-Lod Interchange - Highway #40

development of Jerusalem

Constructed for the Public Works Dept, this project includes approximately 12,000 sq. km of viaduct, 5 km of highway roads, electricity, sewage, drainage, traffic control arrangements, traffic light installations, etc.

Israel Electric Company Substation - North Tel Aviv

Israel Electric Company Substation

This substation supplies electricity to the new projects surrounding the Ayalon Highway. It encompasses an area of approximately 4,500 square meters and 10,000 cubic meters of concrete.

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