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Ministry of Agriculture

Sagy J.A. Engineering & Construction, Ltd. - Ministry of Agriculture
A complex of 3 office buildings at the Ministry of Agriculture's Vulkany Research Institute was constructed for the Ministry of Finance and encompasses some 20,000 sq. meters.
The buildings are "intelligent", centrally managed via computerized control systems.

project scope:
  1. high and low voltage,
  2. area development,
  3. paving access roads and parking lots,
  4. landscaping and fountains.

Viaducts in Ashdod Interchange - Highway # 4

Sagy J.A. Engineering & Construction, Ltd. - Viaducts in Ashdod Interchange

Constructed for the Public Works Dept.
These viaducts involve special technical complexity, aesthetic aspects and are of major importance for the transportation system.

The Sharon Regional Headquarters - constructed for the Israeli Police Department

The Sharon Regional Headquarters
The first regional headquarters built in Israel since the British Mandate, this building was constructed using only local materials and incorporated a structure of special concrete reliefs and geometric shapes.
For example, the roof of the building consists of suspended arches and the roof of the synagogue has the shape of a pyramid, etc.

Tunneling Projects By Sagy J.A. Engineering & Construction, Ltd.

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