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Sagy J.A. Engineering & Construction, Ltd.

Sagy J.A. Engineering & Construction, Ltd.

Established in 1963, Sagy J.A. Engineering & Construction, Ltd. has four decades of experience building hospitals, office and residential buildings, projects for the Ministry of Defense and dozens of viaducts and interchanges.

During this time, the drive for excellence and a steadfast commitment to quality have earned the company an outstanding reputation.

Sagy is an approved government contractor and one of the few privately held companies qualified to perform infrastructure-contracting works of unlimited scope.

Sagy's core business is the construction design and construction of public buildings and infrastructures of wide scope projects and the provision of in-house solutions for temporary construction design within these projects.

Among its clients are: The Public Works Dept, the Israel Electric Corporation, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Defense, and other public authorities.

Sagy is known for its ability to create solutions for building complex engineering projects that require special technical knowledge and innovation.

With an emphasis on quality and efficiency, Sagy uses advanced building methods and technologies, and high professional personnel.

Sagy is ISO 9002-certified.

The Sagy cornerstone principles promote:
  1. Excellence of performance in all areas - technological, organizational and personal.
  2. Fostering relationships of mutual assistance, concern, respect, trust and co-operation.
  3. The presentation of complete solutions for the execution of projects, which includes:
    1. Detailed plans of execution,
    2. Interfacing with other factors (planners, governmental agencies, and interference)
    3. and the actual project execution.
  4. The enhancement of company capabilities through technological developments, advanced industrialization
          methods and improving human resources.
  5. Compliance with the company's quality and safety regulations.
  6. Maximum effectiveness for the client and maximum efficiency and utilization of company abilities through
          proper management.

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